Anthea’s Big Birthday

Anthea's Big Birthday - September 2016

Chorus founder-member, Anthea, celebrates her 70th birthday on 11 September so the chorus had a little celebration with her at rehearsal, to kick off her weekend of celebrations. Happy birthday Anthea!

MD, Wendy, wrote and sang a parody of ‘The Lady is a Tramp’ (below) which was great fun.

She likes her wine, this friend of mine
I think it’s fair to say
No matter if it’s red or white
She likes it anyway

And yes, she likes a fag or two, she thinks it’s really ace
She says it’s the fags and the wine, that keeps her voice in bass
And airs and graces aren’t her cup of tea,
But she’s looking good now she’s seventy

She gets too thirsty for drinking at eight,
She starts at lunch time, she just can’t wait
But we all love, her, she’s a great mate

Oh yes. Our Anthea is a tramp!

She won’t take crap from any of us girls
She designs our choreo, with gestures and twirls
But still we love her, she’s really a pearl

Oh yes our Anthea is a tramp!

She warms us up with a stretch here and there
Always with flair
She’s such a one, always such fun
She’s a real trouper, fun is her aim
She’s even sung on the risers with a zimmer frame
She never gives up…..she should be named a dame

Oh yes our Anthea is a tramp!

She’s a tramp and she loves it
Struts her stuff every day
She’s a tramp and she loves it
And we hope that she will stay that way,
Yes we hope that she will stay that way

Oh yes, Our Anthea is a tramp!
(Wendy Grant – 8 September 2016)

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