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Wendy Grant Joint Musical Director

Wendy Grant – Musical Director

Wendy joined Spangles in September 2013, having retired to Spain some months earlier. Although new to barbershop, Wendy has had music in her life for many years, an accomplished saxophonist, playing as a solo artist and within a band, as well as teaching saxophone.

“I feel so lucky to have found barbershop in my life; the music, and the companionship of the chorus is absolutely great!”

Wendy retired in 2012 from Wiltshire Police where she served as an Inspector. Having had many different policing roles within the Force, she spent a number of years as a police trainer, and was an active coach and mentor. Wendy brings her musical ability, and her skills in coaching to the director’s role in Spangles.

“I am really excited to work with Spangles as Musical Director, to build on the already high standards the chorus has attained, and to embrace future challenges.”

Lyn Baines - Chorus Manager

Lyn Baines Chorus Manager

Lyn joined Wessex Harmony in 1994 as a complete novice, but was soon hooked by Barbershop. She became actively involved in the club as Secretary and Fundraiser. Anthea joined a few years later and she and Lyn have been friends ever since.

Lyn’s working life has been within the IT industry since 1978, culminating in her role as Sales and Marketing Director for six years, before running her own marketing company between 1994 and 2002, where Anthea joined her as Telemarketing Manager; together they caused chaos with staff and clients alike, working hard but having lots of fun along the way.

When Lyn and her husband retired to Spain, Anthea and her husband swiftly followed the same dream and all landed in the Murcia region. One sunny afternoon, at a barbecue with friends, one of whom was a barbershopper, they all sang in four part harmony and both Anthea and Lyn realised just how much they missed singing. That’s when the spangle of an idea began……

Within Spangles Lyn is responsible for Public Relations, Costume & Makeup and is Baritone Section Leader. She is also a Chorus Manager and takes an active role in the strategic and musical planning of the chorus. She also sings with a quartet (Viva).

Anthea Prentice - Chorus Manager

Anthea Prentice Chorus Manager

A highly-trained singing friend originally dragged Anthea along to a Barbershop Chorus back in the 1980s. The reason this happened was that Anthea had a deep melodic voice, ideally suited to the bass section of a Barbershop chorus. What the said friend wasn’t aware of was that Anthea, although she loved singing, hated Barbershop. However, as the weeks progressed she found she loved singing harmony, and Barbershop was an ideal place for her, so she joined Brunel Harmony (based in Saltash, in Cornwall) with whom she competed in the Annual Barbershop Competition, known to Barbershoppers as “Convention”

Betwixt all this Anthea has been very involved with Dance and Theatre, taking dance classes from the tender age of 5 through to 11 and then rediscovering dance at 20 odd through to 30 something. She has also acted with Sterts Theatre Company at their amphitheatre, in the middle of Bodmin Moor, for 10 years, and included tours of France with Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in Franglais.

In 1998 Anthea moved to Poole in Dorset and knew one way to make new friends – Cue for a song?” – She joined Wessex Corn Dollies – later to become Wessex Harmony Chorus – where she met up with Lyn Baines, and subsequently became firm friends; such firm friends that she ended up working for Lyn as her TeleMarketing Manager.

Lyn then moved to Spain, and Anthea’s intention was to go out and help them move in and then go home; however, she then caught the “Move to Spain” bug. Six months later they moved to Spain and 9 months later she and Lyn started talking about singing. The two of them then went on a recce to Torrevieja to hear “The Velvetones” and, although they loved what they did, were aware that they were 1 hour away, and they started rehearsing at 10.30 in the morning. Anthea has said many times she cannot speak at that time in the morning, let alone sing! However, the visit made them gird their loins and they subsequently advertised in lots of local newspapers to see if there were any fellow Barbershoppers around. The result? Having cajoled friends and relatives, they found a much-needed baritone (and future MD) in Liz Lewis, and persuaded her to join them. And so, Spangles started with 5 friends.

Anthea plays an active role as Chorus Manager, Choreographer and Bass Section Leader, and is involved in the strategic decisions for the chorus.

Barbara Burks - Treasurer

Barbara Burks Treasurer

Barbara has always loved singing and being on stage. She attended a High School in Leeds that was well known for producing stage and TV stars, Angela Griffith and Melanie Brown to name but a couple. Barbara was always involved in school plays, concerts and musicals and represented the school 3 years running in the Leeds Schools Competitions for poetry reading, picking up a couple of awards along the way. The school musicals were written by her English teacher, Jake Thackray, who, some of you may remember, wrote and sang humorous songs on TV shows like Braden’s Beat and the Esther Rantzen Show in the 1960/70s.

Her Claim to Fame is that, when she was 12 years old, Barbara went to Granada Television Studios in Manchester to audition for Coronation Street; the character being Elsie Tanner’s niece. Unfortunately, Barbara didn’t get the part, but she met most of the 1967 cast and had a great day.

Barbara joined Spangles in February 2008, first singing Lead and now Tenor. She quickly became an asset, first taking on the role of Treasurer and then Tenor Section Leader. Barbara is also a member of a quartet (Viva). She says “I love the camaraderie and friendship that Spangles offers and hope to be involved for many years to come.” We’ll drink to that!

Linda Coats - Section Leader

Linda Coats Lead Section Leader

In the UK, Linda ran her own soft furnishing business for a number of years before having a change of direction by working for Boots’ head office in their customer service department for 4 years, as a Senior Advisor and Trainer. In August 2004, Linda and husband Neil decided just to up sticks and move to Spain for a simpler, less stressful lifestyle and, of course, some sunshine.

After just one week, they met their first neighbours, Anthea & Mike, who were a great help to them in their early days in Spain. They became good friends from the start and still are. Linda knew that Anthea and Lyn had been involved in Barbershop in the UK and that they had decided to start a chorus here in Spain. Not something that interested Linda at all, just the word “Barbershop” put her off. “Not my thing at all” said she, “and of course the fact that I did not ‘do’ singing and had no experience at all, was a big reason why I did not want to join them either. Boy, was I in for a surprise, and oh, how wrong can you be???”

Linda and Neil went to Spangles’ first open day, just to put bums on seats and give them some support; there were just 5 Spangles at that time. They were both impressed and had to admit that it was not the type of Barbershop they had expected. On that day, Linda was persuaded to go along to the next rehearsal, together with another lady, Vicky. Very reluctant and very scared, she turned up and joined in, with Lyn helping her in Lead, never imagining that she would be doing what she does now, and really enjoying herself.

“Join a Barbershop Chorus and you will always have a friend” was the first thing a friend in the UK told Linda when she announced that she had joined Spangles, and Linda now knows what she meant.

Today, Linda is Lead Section Leader and encourages and supports others who have taken that ‘step through the door’ and she sings with her quartet, Chardonnary. Who would have thought?

Spangles is growing from strength to strength and new members appear on a regular basis (all are very welcome!). None of this would have been possible without teamwork, the love of singing Barbershop and the will to enjoy what we do.

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