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  1. […] Centro Municipal Las Claras, Calle Helena, Los Narejos, Los Alcázares, 30710 Murcia Link out: Click here Description: Registration at 10.30, ready to start at […]

  2. Madelon van Houten says:

    Dear Friends,

    this is going to be YOUR WEEK at En Armonia in Benamaldena.
    Unforunately I will not be there to join you on stage, but the least I can do is wish you all the luck you possibly can/will need and enjoy your stage performances. It will be great, I assure you!

    Next time I hope to join you, so for the time being, lots of joy and safe returnings afterwards!

    • Lyn Baines says:

      That’s lovely and thanks for thinking of us all Madelon, especially with everything that’s going on for you at the moment. You will be missed on the risers and at En Armonia. We’re hoping to post results on Facebook so check the new SABS page. We will email you the link.

      Lyn x

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