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Can You Sing?

Many people think they can’t sing and haven’t sung since they were at school. Several of our members were in that situation until they gave it a try. In particular, the ladies with lower voices had been told in the past that they couldn’t sing; but they can, just in a different range! Also, you don’t need to be able to read music, most of our members can’t either and our teaching methods are easy to follow.

If you’re interested in becoming a chorus member, please email us: Membership Secretary


Teach Tracks and Sheet Music

Learning the songs is easy because we use teach tracks so you can learn at your own pace. Teach tracks and sheet music are provided to full members to help them to learn the songs. We rely on members learning their part from the tracks so that when we meet, we can work together on developing the songs and not have to spend time learning the notes.


Currently, the monthly subscription for a full member is 10 euros. This goes towards the cost of music, hire of the rehearsal room, costumes, transportation and other chorus expenses.

Subscriptions are reviewed each year and voted on by the Chorus members.


We have a ‘walking out’ uniform for attending rehearsals and travelling to perform. We also have stage costumes.

Most of the Walking Out uniform is purchased and owned by the individual, whereas stage costumes are purchased and owned by the chorus; a rental will normally be payable.

Summer “Walking Out” Uniform
Navy t-shirt, white jean trousers, white sandals

Winter “Walking Out” Uniform
Lime green top, navy jean trousers, navy Spangles fleece, black shoes

Stage Costume
We have several costumes to choose from for each performance.



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