Contest Retreat

Wow!!! What a fantastic coaching weekend we had with Andy and Monica Funnell and what a lot we have learned. Thanks to two great coaches for upping our game for contest. Congratulations to Thelma for winning the ‘Smiley Face’ award – another Bari!! Many thanks to Diane for Andy’s beautiful birthday cake.  Scroll down for Anthea’s speech.

Here are some lovely memories from our annual dinner.


A huge thank you to Monica and Andy for a great day and for all the new, exciting stuff that we have done today.

Thanks to the riser parties, not just for tonight, but as they were not at our AGM, a huge thank you for all the stuff they have done – Adrian, Mike, Chris, Peegee

Thank you to my fellow members of t’committee, not that I want to but I have to!!

First of all, Barbara, who fiddles about with the money. What you all don’t realise is that after the first Thursday of the month, she is off on a 6 day cruise having a good time with all our dosh and returns the following Thursday, and none of us are any the wiser!! Good on yer Babs! Now you have been found out!!!!

Linda, there’s another one, instead of whipping her section into some kind of order, she can regularly be found in her jaccuzi bubbling away with a glass of champagne in her hand. She only works 24/7 from about May to October so…..not hard. She has now taken on Membership Secretary – don’t get the paper wet!!!! Great job Linda!

And then there is Lyn, who really doesn’t do much generally and has done virtually nothing towards this weekend. Booking rooms? easy peasy, changing rooms loads of times? no bother! Organising meals – how simple is that? Ensuring everyone has Polo Shirts and or Fleeces, and lugging them up here – anyone could do it! Designing costumes, ordering shoes, twice! Collars for our new frocks – piece of cake! She of course has nothing else to do anyway. MABS could run itself, as well as SABS. Tossing off the odd Press Release, how hard is that?? So thanks Lyn……..

Then there is Gail, who also doesn’t really have much input to the chorus, but she likes a good “do” and seems to turn up like a bad penny every Thursday, waving her arms about. What has she done this weekend except stand in front and look important, just cos she has got some friends to stay and didn’t know how to entertain them, so she foisted them on us! What else does she have to do in her life, a bit of sticking a few bits of paper on card – not rocket science is it? She’s even does a bit of OLOGY! Because she is bored on Tuesdays, she repeats the arm waving in front of a group of men, who have tried to move their rehearsal place, but she keeps finding them! None of that impresses me! So thanks a lot Gail!

Finally on a more serious note, we have exciting news of the appointment of our new Assistant Musical Director, who has worked so hard over the past few months to constantly raise our game, despite it being a scary thing to do, and it has been a huge learning curve for her, we are delighted to announce the official appointment, and please give her a huge round of applause….. JUUUUUUNE MULLIGAN!!!!!